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API Documentatie

API Documentatie

API Usage

Getting Started

Making a Request

  • All request require your API Key to be passed on the URL as client_id= in the params of the request: GET
  • All documented parameters, unless otherwise specified, are required. Optional parameters are marked in the documentations like this: my_optional_parameter (optional)

Getting the Response

  • JSON is the default response format for all requests. XML is available by specifying .xml on the end of the URL path.
  • JSON response without .json on the request URL path GET &city=
  • JSON response with .json on the request URL path GET &city= &format=json
  • XML response with .xml on the request URL path GET &city= &format=xml
  • The Kortingcity API also respects the HTTP Accepts header
  • Kortingcity responds with a standard error response format and a fixed set of HTTP codes.